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Faster Than - zip zaps

Our cars are faster than the Radio Shack zip zaps. If you fully customize the zip zap cars and upgrade the motor to the fastest they have available you can only get a 2.2 motor. The stock motors are 1.8. Our Panther and Shu Qi Wei brand cars come with 2.6 motors stock. This lets them really burn the zip zaps.

Watch out for the zip zaps at radio shack they have a 1.8 motor, half the speed of the panther cars! Having high quality batteries running the tiny motor means your batteries will last for many recharges the type of batteries these rc boats use are very easily available as well we all know what a pain it is to replace those odd round batteries used in previous micro rc technology. With micro radio controlled vehicles it is amazing how fast the technology can be developed to make our toys quicker, smaller, more realistic and cooler!

These little mini racers are quick, panther bands have all 2.6 motors which makes them faster than most! A convenient led light on the charger automatically shuts off once the mini rc car is fully charged and ready to start racing there are many ways to enjoy the mini rc cars they are fun to drive around by themselves but the fun doubles when you and a friend race your mini rc cars.

zip zaps

zip zaps(keep in mind they are tiny)we took one each of the two channels available and began competitionthere is nothing quite like watching a group of adults laughing and enjoying a technical little micro toy (except watching the kids have just as much fun)no matter what size the race vehicle, competition will get the adrenaline goingget your mini sized radio control boat now and soon you will be blasting through bubble mountains in the bathtub, running the rapids in rain run-off, pounding the waves in your pool or tormenting your fishcontrolling the car is somewhat hard since the turning is not proportional, but once again practice is key the controller provides four options for control, the button on the left makes the car go forward and backward the button on the right makes the car turn left or right id say the car runs at about three miles per houra track for racing can easily be made of almost anything, though the driving surface must be flat the package warns not to run the car on carpet i decided that some items that were already sitting on the linoleum floor would be my first track racing between shoes, under chairs and around other things that were on the floor proved to be fun i even set up a ramp, which the inch and a half long car took on with no problem when i brought in my cat and dogs, things got even more amusing as the cat chased the little car like a mousethe car is very quiet when it runs, unlike nitro cars, and playing in the house is very possible, since just enough power is provided for fun, but not enough to make the microsizer destructive during indoor playwhen people see the little car already assembled, i dont think they realize what is actually going on in this toy as well as containing a battery that charges in 45 seconds and recharges hundreds of times, the car also has a flat panel master board which is the electronic brain of the car, which claims to have advanced micro circuitry inside the car a pivot-point suspension and adjustable trim give the person controlling it fine-tune steering controlthe rc microsizer runs on a motor called a microsnap motor, and the one included in the original kit is the 22 size, but the microsizer has available upgradeable parts, and two other engines, the 10 and the 26 are also available microsnap 10 claims to be for longer running times and better control this engine must run the car at a lower amount of energy to allow it to run slower and longer the microsnap 26 engine is the opposite, for maximum power output during short races according to the brochureother upgradeable parts include a reduced motor heat sink, wheel and gear tuning sets, a suspension tune-up set, three different types of tires and interchangeable bodies i particularly like the fact you can get a clear body of six different types of cars, to finish whichever way is desiredone let down was the variety of cars available, which so far only come in japanese models, since the toy is made in japan though there are some fairly cool bodies available, my favorite german cars like audis and vws have not yet been made into microsizers the styles you can get the rc microsizer in are the honda s2000, the nissan skyline gt-r, the mazda rx-7, the toyota bb open deck, the toyota celica, the honda accord, the subaru impreza, and the mitsubishi lancerthe future of this toy is sure to be a success with the versatility of the audience and the nice $3999 retail price on this thing, it is not unreasonable for parents to purchase them for their children as well as themselves the possibilities for play are endless and even adults like myself are looking forward to getting upgrades and replacement bodies to paint and interchangeso whether you are already an rc enthusiast or someone who has never even touched an rc car, i recommend trying out a hobbico rc microsizer high tech is the future of toys, and the microsizer is interesting and exotic enough to be fun for all ageshavent heard of zipzaps micro rcs? In case youve been living under a rock, they hit the streets with serious impact in september of 2002 and have been flying from the shelves of radioshack stores ever since zipzaps micro rcs are completely customizable, quick-charging speedsters that have both adults and kids buzzing with a few minutes of assembly, fine tuning and a minutes zap on the charger, youre ready to roll!


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